Locke Carey is an approved Fire Consultant by the Authorities to undertake review of the façade and roofing system design to ensure compliance requirements of the Authority and international safety code and also to assist main consultant on the project to obtain NOC.

The assessments involve review of the proposed façade and roofing system design against listed design, conformation of the materials as product as well as assembly formed by them to prescribed fire classification.

Post obtaining NOC, we carry out inspection of the installed façade and roofing system in accordance with inspection guidelines.

Structural Fire Engineering contents:

• Fire Evacuation Plans (FEEP): We prepare detailed procedures to be followed in the event of a fire which are tailored to individual buildings.

• Smoke Extract Systems Management.

• Fire stopping.

• Engineering Judgment.

• Structural Fire Engineering.

Our approach is to utilize fire engineering to achieve the fire safety objectives.

It should adopt the standards while approaching the design concept
that might be prohibitively expensive or would appear to be onerous in the context of the particular scheme.

Recent developments in the field of Structural Fire Engineering has lead to an increased understanding of how complex structures behave in fire.

This can often result in reductions in fire resistance, which