Locke Carey consulting has the resources to provide a comprehensive fire safety engineering service for our clients; utilizing their practical experience and knowledge our engineers make the maximum use of the latest fire engineering tools and techniques available to obtain the desired outcome.

Current fire safety standards and technical guidance, which support fire safety

legislation, necessarily attempt to set out standard solutions that can be universally

applied. This approach is clearly not applicable to all buildings that due to their age, size, complexity or the use of an innovative approach to their design or construction are not able to satisfy the accepted criteria.

When using fire engineering, it is generally preferable to adopt a holistic approach to a project. However, in many opportunities, it can be used to justify individual components of a scheme such as:

• Unusual means of escape arrangements.

• Reductions in structure fire resistance.

• Increase in fire compartment sizes.

• Smoke control strategies.

• Arrangements for fire service access and facilities.

• Reduced separation between buildings.