1. Inspection work

Site Supervision and handing over inspection: Conduct monthly

inspection for the passive and active fire protection systems for each

building individually; checking against approvals:

• Compartmentation Zones.

• Egress Dimensions.

• Fire Alarm Cause & Effect.

• Smoke & heat detector and manual fire alarm call point operation.

• Fire hose reel pressure and flow characteristics.

• Sprinkler head pressure and flow characteristics.

• Fire pump/Jockey pump pressure and flow characteristics.

• Raiser pipe pressure and flow characteristics.

• Emergency light and exit sign locations.

• Stair and shaft

2. Testing Commissioning:

Hot Smoke Test: The test is intended to verify the correct performance of the smoke management system including operation, sequence of control where practical specified smoke layer depth.

• Lux test for the emergency lights

• Bucket test for sprinkler

• Smoke test for the beam detector

• Hot smoke test

3. Training:

We carry out audits of buildings to ensure ongoing compliance with statutory


• Fire Evacuation Drills, Fire Safety & Risk Management Training: We

organize and supervise evacuation drills, report on the standards of the drill

and recommend any necessary changes.

• Fire Safety Manual: We prepare manuals which document the fire safety

system in individual buildings, describe how they work, detail their operational

maintenance requirements together with management responsibilities.

4. Fire Stopping:

For fire stopping and during design stage, Locke Carey reviews and approve the method statements and specifications

of fireproofing materials as per fire international



We inspect and assure all fire stopping materials installation work have been applied as per standards by providing inspection reports to relevant authorities.